Bloom licensed midwives provide comprehensive, family-centered prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. Our postpartum services include well baby care for the first six weeks. Births take place in our beautiful birth center in downtown Ukiah, or in the comfort of your own home.

Our midwives are experienced and respond to each woman’s unique needs throughout the childbearing year. When you birth with Bloom,  mom and baby receive respectful, professional and holistic care. 

prenatal care

Bloom's two midwives provide care for you throughout your pregnancy, with a consulting obstetrician available as needed.  They alternate appointments— unhurried, one hour prenatal visits.  You are given the time and attention necessary to gain a mutual relationship of trust and respect prior to your delivery.

Prenatal visits are every four weeks until your 32nd week, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly from 36 weeks until you give birth.

Should the need arise, our back up doctor is available for consultations and you will be transferred into his care, or another agreed upon careprovider of your choice.


We offer ultrasounds at our birth center with our ultrasound technician, Karen Han.


Beautiful, large, birthing tubs are available in every birthing room at Bloom. There are numerous benefits to you and your baby when you labor and/or birth in water.

The simple act of immersing yourself in a spacious tub of warm water immediately soothes the body, allowing buoyancy and a loss of gravity to assist with labor. Position changes are easier, there is a sense of privacy in the water, and your partner can even support you in the birth tub. If you choose to stay in the water to birth your baby then the benefits to baby include moving from one warm fluid-filled environment (your body) to the birth tub, allowing for a gentle, unhurried transition to life outside the womb.

Our midwives are highly trained and have over 30 years experience combined with water birth deliveries. 

our birth center

When you arrive at Bloom in labor, one of our staff members checks you into your private birthing suite where soft lights and a warm tub await you. The feeling is calm, inviting and home-like, and each birth room is unique, beautiful, and spacious.  All of our necessary safety equipment is available, but tucked out of sight until needed, to maintain an atmosphere that is intimate, secure and personal.

home birth

Our midwives have decades of experience in home birth.  If you choose to have your baby at home, your prenatal visitsprimarily take place at our birth center, with one or more home visits prior to your birth. We bring all of our emergency supplies to you, and also have portable water birth tubs you can use in the comfort of your own home. 

vaginal birth after cesarean

Evidence based practice shows VBACs are safe for low risk mothers. The midwives at Bloom provide information about the risks and benefits of VBAC births to moms considering their options. We are here to help you chose the safest option available to you. For more information about the safety and issues surrounding VBAC, please see the International Cesarean Awareness Network webpage.

postpartum care

We feel thoughtful, attentive postpartum care is the cornerstone of our philosophy of “mothering the mother” in the hours and days following your birth. Our staff are highly skilled in all areas of prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. We cook on site or order food from area restaurant favorites during your stay at Bloom.  

Three days after the birth we visit you at home, then see you again with one-week, two week, four and six week postpartum visits at the birth center.   If you prefer more in-home postpartum care, you may choose one of our add-on services such as postpartum doula in-home care, offered at an additional cost.

newborn care

At Bloom, we understand the importance of your first moments with your newborn. Babies need skin-on-skin time with you and adequate time to latch before the newborn exam.  All parents receive informed consent regarding the State of California’s requirements for newborns, such as antibiotic drops for the eyes, newborn metabolic screening, and Vitamin K. We fully support your right to make informed decisions regarding your newborn’s care. If you choose, we provide these health care options for your newborn on site before you return home.


Bloom clients can attend a variety of classes for family education and community-building, including free breastfeeding and yoga classes. Please see our online calendar for dates and information.


Asia Sikkila offers both the prenatal and postpartum massage, steams, and maya abdominal massage. Appointments Thursdays between 9 and 5, and on call for postpartum massage after the birth.


Michelle Cummins provides prenatal and postpartum acupuncture services. Appointments held on Tuesdays between 9 and 5.

postpartum ayruvedic treatments

Gita Devi offers postpartum ayruvedic treatments for our clients. You can find out more at